Council Event

Availability of the place: make sure that the place is available for the date of your event. Pre-booking is always a good idea to make your party go ahead without any contingency. 7 Entertainment: If you want a band or DJ at your party, the workplace provides that kind of entertainment or you must arrange it on their own? If you expect to have music or a speaker an audio-visual equipment will be necessary, the administration of the place provides these services? 8 Issue of the feast: A good administrator of place shall be able to provide you with useful ideas on the topics for your party. They must have experience in performing the selected topic to ensure the success of your event for your guests. 9. Organization and communication: the administrators of the property must be easy to contact and you should be able to maintain contact with them with regard to any date, plans and schedules.

10. Have fun! The final and most important Council is to have fun with your event! It should be as free from problems and stress eating possible for you. Your guests will enjoy the atmosphere and location of your party, so use these tips to find the best possible location for your next party. Stal Amani is located in an area removed from forest and grassland but is properly near Herentals, your guests will be transported magically to a natural paradise just minutes from the city. Parking is available and we can plan your event from A to Z at the most competitive prices.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a social event, a corporate event, a business meeting or even a children of birthday party, Stal Amani is the perfect place for your needs. Stal Amani and Taverna, offer the best facilities of inside and outside for its social events throughout the year. You need not be a fan of horses to be carried away by the idyllic beauty surrounding it.