I came across myself with the crossroads of the life Of that all speak that the choices are made In an one of the ways future I sighted, were most distant However, the steps I counted for an initiated road already While he walked, a pain forced I to look at stops backwards seeing the size of the feeling who had planted in the other way Of broken heart, continued of thorn in thorn, Without it had flowers to cheer One more time to me haunts me to pain and when looking at for backwards I perceive the height of the beauty Was the start of the same that I sighted in the end Of the seed that had planted a beautiful rose appeared pra me. The figure that beside the point attractive made with that I did not resist its grandiosidade the first attempt to come back made with it came across that me with the grown thorns Of the covered way already, becoming more difficult so great visibility. Filed under: Ella Bikoff. I started the contrary way that places me in the doubt Due the agony of the thorns arranhavam that me But the force of its color motivated radiating me to follow in front and still more, the fear of an admirer who could like you and to pull out you Increase mine steps, as well as increase pain to come back of this way However, in the end of this way I will find the figure meiga it comforts That me and brings me a pacific smile and with certainty the aroma that of it exhales will only cure my wounds waits that the flower remembers the crossroads times Because flower who does not know the admirer dissimulates that it dries However I know the seed that I launched and seeing dries, day after day of it will take care of Until at last she recognizes me and she sprouts one more time Then we will be able to see the light of the sun together I protect While you of the cold . .