Environment Money

PARTISAN POLITICS: ACTIVITY THAT INVOLVES VOCATION, PROFESSION AND Environment Everything what the candidate speaks, writes and considers, to call attention and voted being, is pertinent to the relation with the place where if it lives that, in turn it is part of the environment. Even though the satires, the trocadilhos you rhyme, them and the debauch, used as expression resource, by some candidates, must be analyzed as ambient factors. The candidates who thus disclose themselves try to pass its interpretation of the material reality and politics of Brazilian society e, therefore, of the environment that it is part. Thus being it is necessary to not only evaluate these manifestations, but, also, the character, the personal behavior, and the preparation of them for the position whom they intend to occupy, as well as discovering the reason for which they are candidates. These data will allow to know if the person who disputes the position participates of the politics for vocation, that is, for love, or profession, that is, for money. Valley to remember that one popular one has dictated that it says: ' ' who works for love more is come back when serving and to serve in the best way possvel' '.

At the same time, ' ' who works for money more is worried about the attainment of more money, without mattering with the half ones to obtain what desejam' '. If it cannot forget that in all the activities human beings exist people who work for vocation or love, and people who work for profession or money. Lately it comes quickly growing the amount of individuals that prefer the second situation. In the politics it is easy to evidence the difference enters one politician for vocation, and another one for profession. The vocation politics is a passion for ' ' polis' ' , that it wants to say city, a safe space, commanded, ambiently healthy, and Pacific, where the men can dedicate themselves to the search of the happiness. Politician for vocation is that one that watches over this space. The vocation politics, thus, is the service of the happiness of the citizens, inhabitants of the city. Already the politician who makes of the politics a profession, generally is fanatic for money, executes its ' ' afazer' ' , not for love it, but for love something is of it: the wage, the profit, the profit, the advantage, and prestige. In this in case that it can be said that it is present ' ' valley tudo' ' , also the disrespect to the environment.