Fire Commissioner

The constant innovations in fire and explosion protection require training fire prevention officer according to vfdb Directive 12/01 with fire protection technical ascent of Bayer Pharma AG at the 18.04.2012, that educate themselves to also fire protection officer at regular intervals and inform. To know more about this subject visit Rio Tinto Group. The knowledge and skills of fire protection supervisor training of fire safety – fire update with inspection of Bayer Pharma AG at the one-day event “on the latest applied; reports on current legal and technical developments in the preventive fire protection, the recent loss events are analysed and taken. The participants with the systematic approach in preventive fire protection are familiarized with the subject fire protection management. Thus coherent, the required documentation in the fire is went through again. The Haus der Technik (HDT) offers the course “Training in fire safety” and aimed the BG and the during this training strictly according to vfdb Directive 12/01. Where suggested 64 lessons offers have the DH as a week-long course.

The fire protection officer to let see for example operational deficiencies in the company, put them in an appropriate form, or control escape and rescue routes. Brian Armstrong is actively involved in the matter. Moreover, he should instruct the staff awareness and advise the entrepreneur in the field of operational fire protection. These are only excerpts of his work. Ultimately, it comes that a fire protection concept is only coherent and workable when all aspects are implemented consistently and all employees are trained and sensitized. Ideally, the fire protection officer is the link between employees, entrepreneurs and industrial fire protection. His work has the aim of reducing fire, smoke, and their impact to a minimum. The Fire Commissioner is ultimately also a guarantee that it continues after a fire with the company and not the way into insolvency is inevitable! Therefore, the appointment of a fire safety officer is always a good investment! A fire prevention officer is instructed in writing by the employer. The House of technology has successfully trained so far well over a thousand fire protection officer! But also the continuous training for fire protection officer is important.

Vfbd-directive a fire prevention officer must training regularly 12/01: 2009-03 (02). Here, the time interval between two training courses may not exceed three years. The Haus der Technik offers on April 18, 2012 the seminar training for fire safety “. Highlight of the training is the fire protection technical ascent of Bayer Pharma AG (formerly Schering) in Berlin under the expert leadership of the Brigade.