Illuminating Lace Effect

Yes, really that is possible. My favorite is the base Nude de Dior (now use the dust texture), but also looks for in Maybelline, Armani and Bobbi Brown. a dust suntan oil that gives a natural and luminous tone you. My last discovery is the tone ” laguna” of Nars. Not note, but ” nota” , already you understand to me. colorete enhancing. You already know that they enchant coloretes to me in cream of Bobbi Brown.

a mask of eyelashes that notices, but that does not move. Volume of Maybelline enchants to me Colossal. a brightness of lips is transparent. Recently I discovered one organic one in H& M (yes, in H& M) and it enchants to me for the day to day. and finally, an illuminator whom he illuminates without shining like a Christmas tree, that is to say, that gives light, but natural. My last discovery is the dust Illuminating Lace Effect 002 of Dior. This week we recommended Collection Pops Up de Chanel By Brenda Garci’a, professional make-up artist and tutorial of I recommend You to Epro that you throw a look to him to the new collection of Chanel. With the tones pies like protagonists, it proposes look to us fresh and natural, ideal for the new one station.

The collection is made up of coloretes, glosses and nail enamels with the chorales, the roses and the green ones like protagonists. Coloretes toasted resists with the lips in tones choral and pink acid. The best thing? The new tones of nail enamels: ” Mistral” , ” Riviera” and ” Nouvelle Vague” , a green water that without a doubt will be must of the season.