The tyrant dies and his Kingdom ends. The martyr dies and his Kingdom begins. Soren Kierkegaard fortunately there are those in its transit have experienced situations, tests, have been bequeathed a learning that has helped them to grow and that given their relevance, scope, impact have made reflected in writing, often in the form of stories, anecdotes, poems which allow us to delve into its content and exploit it according to our interests. In this opportunity we have selected some that we believe provide us with flashes that are transformed into stimuli that promote our growth when we delve into your content. We have respected its sources and believe that something they will motivate the reader delve into what they enclose. It should not surprise us that is entered from the most deep mists of time being human creates, which explains little stories of pedagogical content: are the tales. The grandmother tells them and counted around a fire; children listen to them and the older. remind them, or simply are in a book and why there is not at present on the Internet in any web page that contains them.

In addition, said that fairy tales are not just for children; his teachings are also distributed among young people and adults. It is the case of the sufis stories e.g., paradoxical Court, which are offered at the same time as way of meditation, as a source of humor, or as an enigma that spin. Idries Shah gives us, the stories within psychotherapy as a friendly and support very malleable to bring psychological content and information to the patient in the form of experiences which can be reflected without feeling intimidated and find also parallel outputs to moments or current situations experienced by being currently used. They are in that sense catalysts or focal points that way mirrors can reflect us and return us a picture our psyche or current processes is living giving us look at where us new and fresh perspective and distance.