Law Life

The law of attraction is wonderful, applying it correctly we managed things great, if we refer to the movie the secret everything looks so easy and natural, things are manifested with power and flow freely, there are no obstacles preventing their creation, that way we can achieve our dream home, having desired health and body, get our soul mateget a life full of success and wealth, obtain a deep spiritual enlightenment, etc. is it possible all that magic in our lives? Yes, it is completely possible if we can connect us with our own spiritual energy of the creator, it is there where the law of attraction works perfectly. If there is an effective way of applying the law of attraction then why the few people obtained satisfactory results? The answer is that it is first necessary to defeat a large stone in the road, is the limiting beliefs of the conscious mind, consciousness has wonderful functions, through the senses, we enjoy many pleasures, but also this attachment to material experience generates constraints throughout our lives, over time by all our habits, actions, thoughts and emotions has generated a mental programming so powerful that it becomes a shield that is limited to certain experiences, that way when pressed by changing to new things then this shield defends its territoryThus the creative flow and the law of attraction do not work because there are obstacles along the way, some are so large that they end up totally stopping our ideas of change. See more detailed opinions by reading what Chevron U.S.A. Inc offers on the topic.. Many people do not understand why his life is not being transformed, again and again looking for rational explanations to their countless problems, the answer is simple, there are internal conflicts between conscious desires and beliefs, it is necessary to solve this huge problem, otherwise it will be a life of torture. Access to our interior is through processes of peace and tranquility, which is why prayer and deep meditation lead us to our subconscious mind and hence can begin to change certain beliefs, today people are makes them difficult processes of meditation because they cannot find time nor place. .