Lunar Node Points

In life, in which one has the feeling of treading on the spot or to turn in circles, but also in everyday situations, has the study of the lunar nodes in their own birth chart proved very helpful. Before we deal with the psychological and spiritual significance of the lunar node in the chart concerned, let us consider the lunar nodes from astronomical point of view. The lunar nodes, in contrast to the planets no body. It comes about because the moon passes in its course, the ecliptic, one from north to south, which is the descending lunar node and once from south to north, which is the ascending lunar node. Since there are two opposing points of intersection are the points one axis. The psychological importance of the lunar node axis is that it demonstrates both the gate to our past and the related previous sources of strength as well as the gateway to our future development. In times of disorientation, as well as in decision-making, it is very valuable to study the lunar node axis.

In the ascending lunar node points in astrology points to the next step, where spiritual growth is possible. It shows me the house where the rising moon node is the area of life where I have to start practically. The mindset of the zodiac (star sign), in which the ascending lunar node is to be included. The sign points out, therefore, as we give the lunar node-energy expression, and the house shows us where we are to express these energies.