Major Title

Wednesday April 20, will play the final of the Copa del Rey. After a long journey and many parties, finally two teams have qualified for the final, one great final: Real Madrid and Barcelona. The classic returns. The Copa del Rey has been considered for years one minor competition in which smaller teams have had opportunity of look for the early elimination of higher caliber teams focused on Europe. However, this year the final will be different: the two big teams in our competition, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, have been taken more seriously than ever this competition, and after much effort and suffering they have managed to qualify for the grand final on Wednesday, April 20. RioCan is often quoted on this topic. Real Madrid has undergone a drastic change from the entrance of Jose Mourinho, who has refused to set aside this competition in search of repeat his final year of success at Inter Milan, where he won three trophies to those who chose the Italian club.

After winning not effortlessly to the great Seville, joint merengue has reached finally reached the final of the Copa del Rey, phase which has not lllegado from season 2003 / 2004, which lost to Zaragoza. Real Madrid will not hesitate in taking all their artillery to get the trophy. FC Barcelona seeks to continue the winning streak in competition and to its rival, which has gained quite forcefully since the 2008 season / 2009 until now.The secret: a coach, Pep Guardiola, and a set of players who have become intractable in the playing fields, and the WINS are counted when pairs than this season. A team full of both international figures such as Leo Messi, of our land, as Xavi Hernandez, Carles Puyol or Andres Iniesta, protagonists of the winning Spanish team for the 2010 World Cup. If conditions are favorable, in April we could find us with the La Liga encounter at the Santiago Bernabeu, two matches in Champions League and the Final of the Copa del Rey semifinals; However, if something stands out this match is to be in game one of the two great titles from Spain to a single letter, by which errors that night are not allowed. If you want to follow this or any other party, we have what you need at Get your tickets for the final of the Copa del Rey in Tengoentradas.