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Types of formats of cameras. Under the format of the camera refers to the size of the film, which is photography. Small format camera. What is meant by the pocketbook camera, at first, probably by this concept can be represented by a small tsifrovichok, but it is not so, a small format means widespread cameras with the size of 24×36 mm film. Small format cameras are easy to maintain, good process automation shooting, all the innovations in photographic equipment are beginning to use it in a small-format cameras. Under medium format camera with a mean size of the film from 6h3sm and ending with a panoramic medium format camera 6×24 cm cumbersome and expensive to maintain, and at cost, to capture required a tripod, monitor number of captured images, to carry a lot of film, etc. Rio- Tinto Group often says this. Then why do we need all these sufferings, let us recall that surface area, but when you make the first print size 50×70 cm, then all at once become clear.

The format camera depends on the technical quality of images for a clearer picture of differences in picture quality let's see how increasing the technical shortcomings of the negative with increasing the magnitude of increases. If getting shot Format 13×18 cm negative medium format camera 6×9 cm in size should be increased only twice linearly or 4 times over the area, the camera negative pocketbook size 24×36 mm should be for it to increase linearly to 5 times, and area 25 times, ie all the technical shortcomings of the negative we will increase 25 times if, for example when shooting medium format camera lens will get us on a little speck of dust as thick as 0.5 mm, with a doubling of it becomes the value of 1 mm, and working with pocketbook camera mote will increase by 25 times, and as a result we have a spot in the 12.5 mm thick, and now think about other disabilities. Of course if you have no purpose to print image size 50×70 cm, then a medium format camera and you should not worry. Site lot of other useful information for More Photos.