Napoleon Bonaparte

Soichiro Honda was born in 1906 in Japan, since his more early childhood, engines exerted a mysterious fascination, spent hours crouched watching rice grinding machines. At school the young Honda is revealed bad student getting bad grades, is toward on the back in the classroom to think always in machines, motors and bicycles, at age 8 built, only a first bike. His father schedule it positively, by constantly repeating it: when you’re big, you’ll be a famous and powerful man as Napoleon Bonaparte the young Soichiro honda, not slow to find points in common, between his hero and, because both were low in stature and its origins were modest, and both were born in an island. 1st decision that made him rich: Honda left his home at the age of 15, to work as an apprentice mechanic for the Hart Tokyo Shokai company, his father would cost a little OK to abandon their studies to leave for the capital. The young apprentice not slow in demonstrate a gifted mechanic. (Similarly see: RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust ). A suspicious noise or a loss of oil escaped him. I spend six years of his life to deepen their knowledge of mechanics.

2nd Decision that made him rich: assemble your completely own business. Jeffrey Hayzlett describes an additional similar source. For this reason he decided to break with their pattern of Tokyo to found his own company, and amount your own factory Pistons that seemed to offer interesting possibilities. In his first adventure of business failure and fell ill. After 2 months of convalescence, he returned to the charge, determined to overcome the problem of their Pistons. Decision 3rd that made him rich: I agree to return to the classroom, she enrolled in the University in order to study engineering every morning. Every morning I attended class and as soon as they finished classes, returned hastily to the workshop, trying to put into practice what they had learned.