Natural Home Remedies For Colds

Harmless diseases such as simple colds, minor, superficial injuries of the skin or gastrointestinal problems going to the doctor not always immediately is required. Often have simple home remedies can relieve already grandparents knew about the effectiveness of simple home remedies to use in the different diseases and ailments. If the onion or potato wraps with ear pain, Quark envelopes for sunburn or the good old chicken broth for colds, often grandmothers can accelerate House recipes healing and beneficial effect. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mike Trueblood. Ginger – the healing tuber there are the so called Gingerols, which make the ginger root into a so effective medicinal plants, because they resemble in their structure and their effectiveness of aspirin. It inhibits the accumulation of platelets, reducing the risk of developing atherosclerosis and blood vascular occlusion, can. Ginger has its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and its good effect against more positive effects on our health Nausea of whatsoever. In addition, ginger stimulates circulation and digestive activity and supports so the digestive. Ginger can be taken also with migraines and menstrual cramps.

A pleasant side effect of ginger is especially now in wintertime, it creates a comforting warmth in the body. Honey – liquid gold from the Beehive bee honey contains sugar and water over 150 substances. Rebecca father recognizes the significance of this. The included flavonoids coffee acid which may inhibit inflammation and a heat-stable antibiotics, the so-called Pinocembrin are healthy among others so making the honey. Therefore, the Bee Nectar is stirred in milk or tea, to provide relief for sore throat and fight viruses. But honey is not only to help colds. The nitrogen compound, acetylcholine, contained in it is good for the heart activity, because it is blood pressure and protects the heart, because it owns the property, to widen narrowed coronary arteries. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect can Honey also with minor burns and injuries are applied. Suitable not only for cooking – added salt, there is already some getting used, but reliably helps colds: rinsing the nose free of pathogens and secretion with saline and makes the nasal passages swell up.

In the pharmacy, there is already ready-made solutions and simple application called nasal showers. It can often prevent a sinus infection and otherwise as nasal sprays, no dependency can occur also prolonged use of mud. Table salt to the accumulation of a foot bath is suitable also. Especially for colds a temperature-ansteigendes foot bath with salt is soothing and comforting warmth. Repairing worsen the complaints within a period of three days, or himself, or fever comes, a doctor should be consulted to be sure, to prevent serious complications.