I know how to make wealth. He is something easy. I have the formula to obtain it. One or two is steps and ready. You will be Rico. This is the absolute truth. Purchase Real estate, of preference in zones with the greater capital gain.

To leave passes a year at least and immediately to sell. You would win, in cold numbers, around a 15% and until a 20%. There are no tricks. He is Real! Very well, to only verify that I explained myself I will detail, it by means of an example: If purchases, for this practical case, 3 buildings of approximately $500.000,00 (Mx weights), each, you would be investing an amount near $1.500.000,00 And so after a year, calculating a percentage average of 17%, you would gain $255.000,00 Increasing your capital to $1.755.000,00 However, what would seem to you that the following year you invested solely in 2 buildings? That is to say, $877.500,00, each. And again after a year, you would obtain when selling them, a gain of 17%, translated in $298,350.00 Note that is $43,350 more than the operation of the previous year. That is to say, Gains of your Gains! This is something Real and any person can do it! Clear that, as you could appreciate, she requires of several requirements: Work.

(OK) Faith. (OK) Discipline. (OK) (That is to say, disposition to achieve your objectives) (OK) Ah, and $1.500.000,00 (- Ups! ) Apparently we did not detect a small disadvantage. One of four, is small! We do not own this amount to invest. At this moment we required a solution or options to make a decision. Several alternatives exist, one of them is to ask for a loan, or to a bank or an investor, to one appraises average of annual 20%. And so we would solve the problem, nevertheless, remembering the example, if we would obtain a gain of 17% and on the other hand we paid 20%, I believe that no longer it agrees to our objective. Another solution is to ask to him a good friend who renders to us and in a year, without lack, we were pleased it.