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Department Attack

It has people that she likes for the mouth in the snake. An American of the city of Sacrament, in California, was imprisoned under the accusation to leave a snake of esteem seriously wounded after to bite it two times. The policy was called to a place in the north of the city in the thursday night (1) thinking that it was about a case of attack a person. But while the policemen talked with David Senk, of 54 years, found fallen in the place, it accused it to a witness to take off pieces of the snake pton the gears. The man finished withheld under the accusation to mutilate a reptile. Pton was submitted to an operation of emergency and is if recouping of the attack.

According to attendance service the animals of Sacrament, the snake was seriously wounded and lost some ribs, but it was saved by the surgery. The bites in the snake of a meter of length were enough great to display the liver of the animal. Of the arrest, Senk affirmed to the local media that it did not remember the incident and that it has problems with the alcohol consumption. ' ' What he was that I I made? ' ' , Senk asked. ' ' If vocs to find the owner of the snake, say it who I feel very I make use myself to pay for the costs of tratamento' '. In the forest of rock or the forest of weeds, we cannot identify who he is more dangerous, the case in question, deduces that the act was committed in defense to the attack or attack in the defense, exactly with trocadilho, doubts does not brighten up it, who is more ' ' fera' ' , or who is more ' ' selvagem' '? Soon after the incident, arrives other world the abduzidas cows, assuming the function, logical, in defense of pton, they represent the IBAMA, and on behalf of the Department she makes to fulfill the rights and duties of the citizen pton, thus, after being helped by men of the law is taken for the SUS, is given the high attendance there and the specialists when diagnosising perceive that the necessary patient to pass immediately for a surgery, a together doctor if organized and directed Mr.

to the surgical center. The surgery was a success, has equipped and patient is very happy. The doctors affirm as soon as that patient if to recoup will go to give its deposition, at the moment, although as much order of the media, pton, meets disabled. In relation to the aggressor, he is withheld, until the attacked one can be declared.


Thus, it is all certainty in its head, the exit is equivalent the protection and the words will come with the time. But you deserve a reply. The reply he is simple: you do not need to be admired () to be loved (). You do not need to make the thousandth goal every day or to invent Microsoft day yes day does not stop its partner or partner placing a medal in its chest and revealing some affection. Affection has to also exist because you exist and to another part.

Only. Now affection you need, and to give and to receive, always, love idem, and as the affection, the love is simple: love is respect and confidence. It is gesture. It is to look at. It is touch.

It is gostoso silence to the two. It is the commentary to toa. He is colinho. Wants it is it or it does not want but it is not the end of the way. Because the end does not exist, because you do not have end. It has recycling. It has balance. It has pause. In this point of championship you discovered that rocks alone had come because you finally passed if to know, what she means that old mask of zorro already does not have more direction, that used you it searching the admiration, and thus gaining one I fondle, but now little matters, you already know yourself, and the respect to the others and it exactly go if becoming spontaneous and irrefrevel, always however keeping the had ratio, visa already to know that the life is full of traps, some are colorful, and to slide is part. End of the episode: a little ached but the light that has in the end of this tunnel is merit its and in its chest already it does not have magnificent or medals, nor rancor and resentment. It has credit, that with much merit you if gave and to the others grants without collection, after all you glimpsed the great science: everybody is worthy of merit, nobody, in hypothesis some, is better of what the other. What unhappyly still it exists they are unhappy circumstances. Congratulations! The grass and all that one capim is today hilariantes souvenirs. You are of good with the life because you made the best thing that could have done: he looked at for inside of itself. is ready () for an excellent stage, that in accordance with the words of a great master, thus are drawn: it is impossible to be happy alone. it, or it, goes to arrive until you, because now you only attract good thing. But one remembers: the maintenance in you is daily. this is serious. Because, before more nothing, who it coexists you, he is you yourselves ().