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Real Estate Agency Specialists

Leading specialist real estate agency 'Planet Obolon' Julia Voynalovich demonstrated incompetence in dealing with customers. After meeting her personally at home I asked her about various issues 15-20 property, and within hours it was felt as a person competent. However, Julia has demonstrated how to disperse its words with deeds. A precedent has become a situation in which Julia Petrovna took to sell apartment without explaining their 'trump' working methods. Julia P. relying on verbal agreements within two weeks of actively picking up 'buyers', who examined the apartment and offered to 'clean' is significantly lower the declared value. In the confusion the seller itself, decided to look at advertising his apartment on the agency website 'Planet Obolon' and make sure nothing if not confused. His apartment, he found there, but after seeing a similar ad – in the same house, two floors below, sold the exact same apartment – has decided to call back, ask for that object.

I heard Julia Petrovna, who confidently said that immediately contacted the seller, and arrange to view, doubly surprised by the phone rang next. How, then, was puzzled when Julia Petrovna exactly half a minute phoned the owner, whose apartment was originally undertook to sell, ie, the owner, who had just called her and a different number. Surprisingly, showed up and the fact that the owner apartment on the 4th floor did not exist, and the owner of an apartment at 6m floor was not aware that the broker Julia, in his own house by two floors below 'sell' the exact same apartment, watching that, a potential 'buyer' is explained by an error in entangled floors and price.

Mozhaisk District

Over time, rest in the vicinity of the capital is becoming more popular. This is due to the fact that the ecologically clean areas of Moscow region, located some distance away from the noise of towns, peaceful and quiet, get a new impetus for development. Excellent infrastructure and a large selection of houses and cottages gives the opportunity to rent a house or a villa in different sizes and on a variety of prices … In Moscow there is everything – from small cottages for 3-4 people to large cottage complexes with swimming pools and spacious loft. Until recently, Moscow was considered 'elite' place of hanging out here rested the political elite and very wealthy people from all over Russia.

In our Days – Moscow very versatile and convenient area. Policy organization dedicated to the provision of services rental cottages, changed for the better: cottages and villas have become more affordable, their choice increased to the limit. Now we can calm and not getting in debt, rent a cozy cottage modest (or the 'hacienda' – a term that came to us from the Soviet era) for a relaxing holiday with family and children. The younger generation in these lovely area is given special attention – a lot of wonderful places for games and various entertainment and educational facilities make our kids holiday incredibly interesting. Range of services is always happy Eye client. In Moscow the same set of them: here you can find great pools facilities, entertainment complexes, shops, rooms for billiards. If you want to shoot, then we can compete with friends in Strike and paintball.

If you are an avid athlete – at your disposal a large number of 'trenazherok' with excellent facilities, 'green' football fields with good grass and 'hard' streetball site … Do not forget to Moscow and motorsports enthusiasts – karting track is one of the best in the vicinity of Moscow. In different cities and towns of Moscow region there are many different museums and exhibition halls, which presents an authentic and contemporary art district. Here you can see a remarkable exhibition of folk embroidery (pgt.Sergievo). The main attractions near Moscow – the old manor. They survived a huge amount. These beautiful tourist attractions every year attract many tourists and connoisseurs of old Moscow. We recommend to visit Mozhaisk District (Borodino homestead and farmstead Gudkov), Kolomna district (Manor Liphart) Odintsovskiy (homestead society 'Salamander') and others. The abundance of ancient monasteries and churches interested in anyone who enjoys history. Rent a cottage or villa for rent can take a day or a longer period of time. Have a nice rest and leisure in one of the most unique and beautiful places of Russia!

Russian Realty

With the constant development of the Internet and its accessibility to the course became a reality a set of wonderful opportunities. Although not entirely just because of the global network largely was simplified our life, because an important role in the carry out various web portals that directly and to form a worldwide network of Internet. Today, absolutely anyone say that directly interested Smolensk real estate, looking for a topical web site has the ability to solve virtually all of the personal dilemmas emerging from buying and selling and possibly renting. Definitely so if interested all sorts of real estate in Smolensk, the word on to choose an apartment or offer commercial premises, should only use the services of a special Internet portal. Thus emerged the possibility acquainted with the various existing ads, and actually if necessary to issue his own.

According to the announcement could be the announcement of the granting of personal apartment, or the emergence of the desire to find commercial real estate in the city center. Of course, as the reality of this kind of a way to resolve their unpleasant situations, it becomes increasingly efficient than the various other methods. Most Russian citizens have been able to fully convinced that what is now a proposal to the full current, in fact in the media, say for example in newspapers, found practically will not work. Can explain it in reality very easily, because with that delivery to the ad, before the usual time of receipt of the newspaper specifically to each one takes a very large amount of time. As a result, for this season some time in general can change too much, and certainly ad will actually not relevant. Absolutely by another process running bulletin board located at Smolensk a dedicated web site on the Internet. The amount of time writing ads for a Web site requires a minimum number of short precious time, and in addition it does not take much effort, even directly the child, since we will only write data to the already proposed form. Immediately specifically as an advertisement to be formed, it automatically becomes available in full to all guests of this electronic message boards.

Certainly in this case are less free spending time, money and power are not only highly of everyone providing some or ad to sell, but also definitely the one who wants that either find. For its part, can not be correct to say that the Smolensk board, will be useful not only for those who are interested in what or property, because the categories of advertising is present solid number. With confidence you want to select, given the diversity of groups of ads actually covers absolutely vital activity of all people of this region of Russia. Now in reality, certainly due to This web site, easily solved in reality any existing dilemmas, say for example, buy-sell vehicles, find a job or find the necessary spare part on a personal computer. All of this available to implement in a short time and with the best result. In addition it should be noted that to realize this is even really in any suitable free time, because the Web site operates 24 hours a night and day.

Spain Bungalow

Often they have a high-rise apartments – "penthouse" or "duplex" (two-storey apartments). Comments of our specialist should be noted that we should not be compared directly with our Spanish apartment flats. Almost all of them are fenced area with pool, tennis courts and playgrounds. Also pay attention to the fact that the apartments are usually located in close proximity to the sea and can not only bring more revenue to the owner of the lease than a house, but also more fun to stay in them. Bungalow (villa) in Spain Bungalow (bungalo) – home to several hosts (two to four). Each owner – separate entrance to the house and in his place. Most often, a bungalow in Spain – a multi-level home located in the so-called urbanization (villages). Usually has 2-3 bedroom bungalow.

Urbanization in the territory has one or several common pools and private parking – indoor parking garages or on the site. Sometimes the Spanish American style bungalow called "Townhouse". Bungalows in Spain are well represented on both the primary and secondary real estate market. This type of property more spacious than apartments and are cheaper than single family house. Reduce the cost of the item and its value content allows that the utilities, security and cleaning are paid by tenants collectively urbanization. Bungalows in Spain without any problems are dealt out, especially in resort towns and cities, walking distance from the sea. Foreign buyers purchase a bungalow for subsequent rental or as a residence for the summer family vacation.