The Kat

With we can Michael Jackson and Madonna are among the greatest musicians of our time, but Pavarotti, Montserat de Gaballas, or one of the best Modezaren of Karl Lagerfeld. No matter whether we like their successes, proven wen it us. Also in our immediate vicinity, we recognize born MOM’s gifted kindergarten teachers, TherapetInnen, architects, masons, bakers, restaurant owners, sellers, beauticians, mechanics, teachers or civil servants. We recognize our deeper sense of life, our own life’s work, we will enjoy also our life success and rich wealth. Money, Success and fullness of life does not make happy money alone, but it calmed down. Just say for those who have it. But it is already a given legality that abundance there, where she is dressed, and money alone is not abundance. Sure, however, is that about one come, what you are earning, needed to be able to develop, perfect.

What good are millions if greedy, now hated Manager she no longer prassend can get among the people? Also, we know that contacts are worth, meanwhile, a fortune. I would prefer, unemployed with thousands of valuable contacts to stand up, as with thousands of thousand-franc notes. The joy of my life would be guaranteed higher, my career prospects would be better, my options complex. Ultimately I think it’s also dying worth being, daily morning happy to welcome me in the mirror for the new day, to be able to give something to someone deliberately, again, his joy. Brings added value and ultimately universal fullness of life, instead of me frustrated to think how I could move who now back across the table. Return creates drag and that demands an end to immense power. With this power, we can move more in the right direction and achieve thus more success and wealth.

Positive and negative good and evil, beautiful and ugly, right and bad, who are quite the us, to be or condemn? The Kat is so often admired, but what is it as positive that this man always has to fall to then get back up? Need a little much force? Stand is also not necessarily better, because life is change, life is in motion, so we’d have to us perhaps ideally this > upright walking Menschchen < as desirable in mind. Envy, jealousy, hatred, grief, dreariness and inaction are compassion, joy and zest just so exhausting, such as joy, Bossism, love. Only envy, jealousy, hatred, grief, dreariness and inaction undress us down while we Joy, Bossism, love, compassion, joy and zest to win. It needs only some creativity, desire and consistency, starting from our clear inner middle. The laws of all energy, the laws of all energy flow always according to the same principles. It doesn’t matter whether this internal or external forces, human, animal or universal. Also we ourselves are like a universe self-contained, with heaven and Earth, with humanized and their legality. Recognizing we these laws, we reveal the secret knowledge to success, making and wealth, to everlasting health and vitality, young Finiteness and creativity. > Sex and money rules the world <, says sexuality is our primary and if we know this, we dominate very quickly all energy regardless of whether sexuality and it growing powers/powers or vitality and it growing forces creativity and it growing opportunities or money and turn it into growing powers or time and turn it into growing resources or success, and this growing recognition… more at