The Shaman

The shaman by Jose Luis Gimenez from the spirit of man was revealed this, in all cultures that have emerged on Earth, have existed certain characters whose existence has been closest to the esoteric and extra-sensory, world that the physicist. It is the shaman or Shaman, an expression derived from the English word Shah man and which has its origin in the tribe of the Tungus in the Siberian steppe. The shaman has been systematically pigeonholed in facets that corresponds with sorcerers, witches, magicians, seers, mediums, healers, etc. and even belonging to the priestly caste. And although they have at times made such facets, it is certain that the identity of the shaman goes beyond. The Shaman can possess some or all of the above facets, but what really characterised the shaman or Shaman will be their ability to walk between two worlds, the physical or daily life and spiritual world, through his altered state of consciousness. The shaman, either male or female, and through their initiatic preparation, will be who possesses greater ability to contact the spirit world, either a higher world or the world of being inside, where know act as teacher or guide of the unconscious, carried out the greatest experiences extaticas, while you will be able to guide the disembodied spirits, towards the eternal light.

The shaman accesses the altered state of consciousness, through different means, provided by mother nature, through the consumption of herbs and fungi, (ayahuasca, peyote, etc.), or also through the application of sound, music or a whole series of rituals and dances. But also the shaman uses other aspects of esoteric knowledge of the interior character-, it will be what will put him in constant contact with your inner Guide, or protective spirit. This aspect will be the most transcendent, since all Shaman apprentice will require not only the Guide and the master shaman probation, but also It will be the transpersonal approval of your inner guide or protective spirit, who really will be trained as such.