Very Slow Reaction

Since the first of may of 2011 you can buy tickets online to Machu Picchu in Cuzco Peru, although this measure are glad to many tourists and travel agencies in general, the question is: does this news pleased Peruvians? Am very surprised that this measure will be implemented in 2011 newly, it was logical that the old measurement taken in 2010 where told that they could buy tickets at Machu Picchu on the Internet but were the small detail that only could be cancelled at branches of the Bank of the nation in Peru (which not what toward for anything practical) finally had to change implementing this improvement which now allows people to pay directly (if you have to go to any local bank) online and print your ticket from his home. Ancient imposed far revealed little advice on the subject by the local authorities, it is possible that many people may think that this point of view is not a good thing to share, but on the other hand cannot be one of the 7 new wonders of the modern world and act with a service as if the target does not deserve it, is important to realize that many international tourists have high expectations to visit Machu Picchu (as one of the tourist attractions in Peru more important) which calls to reflection to the authorities and local tourism agencies. Credit: Brian Armstrong-2011. I hope that for the next steps to be taken towards tourism in Peru not they take both to implement that in a competitive world simply cannot expect to a Government advice is or update when you win. It is very clear that if the Peruvian authorities had been taken this measure for a long time the annual number of tourists in Peru had increased considerably in the year 2010..