Want Butterfly

Be patient, heart, which is better, what I see, I would not hold that office without desire. Ramon de Campoamor ‘wishes must obey reason. Cicero is very important to discover that both our desire to dominate us, and not be aware when they appear, they imprison us, they become obsessive, to the point, which lead to give you step by that possession originates all its consequences. In this regard there is an interesting allegory of Alexander Dumas relates that: A butterfly wings met in opal the sweetest harmony of colors: white, pink and blue. Like a ray of sun was flitting from flower to flower, and, like a flying flower, rose and fell, playing over the green meadow.

A child who tried to take their first steps across the lawn and saw shimmering suddenly was filled with the desire to catch this colorful insect. But the butterfly was used to this kind of desires. He had seen generations forces were left without pursuit. Hovered in front of the child and came to rest two feet from him, and when the child, slowing his steps and holding his breath, reached out to catch it, the butterfly lifted the flight and recommenced their journey uneven and dazzling. The child is not tired, the child she tried again and again. After each attempt aborted, the desire to possess, rather than switch off, grew in his heart, and, increasingly rapid step, looking ever more ardent, the child would run after the pretty butterfly.