Wikipedia Reading

slides look on the lines of the text, i.e., not look at the entire word, just slip your gaze on the line, discover how your look captures the words. Practice at this time tell me what happened? You’ve experienced as a slip of the gaze can be enough to capture the words. I do the clarification, at the beginning, to put into practice this technique of fast reading you will not be able to understand everything, while you practice, there is a limitation in the understanding, but after you already mastered this slip, you will notice that your understanding also goes hand in hand with the speed of fast reading, this is what it means, fast read and understand at the same time. Third, you must practice the technique of fast reading continuously to dominate completely, never forget to practice it, I discovered people who believe just read a technique but not practice properly, believe that enough is enough and should read faster and understand, it is as if the only sportsmen read the techniques of the sport who are passionate about but without training, without practicing. The quick and comprehensive reading needs of this third step, the practice. To broaden your perception, visit rebecca father. If all readings were exciting, and you really speed reading techniques you’d have the understanding that Wikipedia, but not everything is exciting, you must learn to choose what you read. This choice determines your speed reading and quick understanding.

I hope that these three steps of quick and comprehensive reading next to prevent above mentioned errors are your best impulse to increase your speed and comprehension while reading and your home in fast reading joining the few that dominate this art in modern life. Read additional details here: Delia Ephron. The following points also are very important to avoid errors in fast reading: reading errors fast. What you should avoid reading? What you should avoid reading?, poor readers have slow, arrhythmic eye movements while they are advancing along the material in an inconsistent manner, many regressions in the reading of the material performed while you read, the eyes are not on the lines of the text easily wandering by the page and not only on the page of reading, but its around in the environment. Deficient readers also have a reduction in the area of focus on the words. Its point of focus covers a field reduced or only capture a Word by visual sweep.

Their level of subvocalizacion is constant and accentuated – they pronounce the words provided that they read. Do not interpret the words with images in his mind of an auto shape. They have a poor concentration and memorization who read poorly, either of these problems can motivate a boredom and it is guaranteed to leave the reading immediately. Poor readers have not learned to concentrate physically or mentally. He decides to start your learning of the fast reading comprehension now. Write your comments about these techniques to develop your speed reading skills, you will reply.